Roots of War Interviews in order of appearance:

-Richard Miniter: Author Losing bin Laden

-Oliver” Buck” Revell: Associate Deputy Director- FBI (Retired)

-George Friedman ,PhD: Chairman- Founder: Stratfor

-Comissioner  John F. Lehman : The 9/11 Commission Report

-Fawaz A. Gerges PhD: Author  Journey of the Jihadist

-Nelly Lahoud PhD: Professor of Political Theory: Goucher College

-Grand Ayatollah Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah

-The Honorable  James C. Oberwetter:

Former   US  Ambassador to Saudi Arabia: 2003-2007

-Richard Pearlstein, PhD: Associate Professor: Political Science:

 SE Oklahoma State University

-Don Beck, PhD Director of the National Values Center

-Riad Daudi JD: President: Syrian Virtual University

-Fathali Moghaddam PhD: Professor of Psychology: Georgetown University

-Jafar Tukan: Palestinian Writer

-Khalilah Sabra:  Muslim American Society Freedom Foundation NC

– Woman Refugee- Lebanon

-Hanan Ashrawi PhD Secretary General MIFTA

-Larry Wright: Author: The Looming Tower

-Mohammad Haj Raad: Deputy :Lebanon Parliament for Hezbollah

-John L. Esposito PhD: Professor of Religion and International Affairs:

 Georgetown University Author: Who Speaks For Islam?

Ambassador: Akbar Ahmad PhD IBN Khaldun Chair Islamic Studies:

 American University  Author of: Discovering Islam

-The Honorable   Richard B.  Parker Former  US Ambassador to Algeria, Lebanon, Morocco

Editor: The Middle East Journal

-Paul Berman  Author :Terror and Liberalism

-Thomas W. Lippman Author: Inside The Mirage: America’s Fragile Partnership With Saudi Arabia

-Abdul Rahman Al Zamil  Chairman of the Board

Al Zamil Group

-The Honorable Mark Palmer Former US Ambassador To Hungary

Author: Breaking the Axis of Evil

-Isobel Colman PhD Council on Foreign Relations

Senior Fellow For US Foreign Policy

-Nissrin Al- Jundi

-Kamul Abu Jabar PhD Jordan Institute for Middle East Affairs

-Street interviews- Lebanon

-Leila Deeb Journalist

-James J. Zogby PhD

President Arab American Institute

-John Duke Anthony PhD

-Founding President and CEO: National Council on US-Arab Relations

-Martin Levi  van Creveld: Author: The Sword and the Olive: A Critical History of the Israeli Defense Force

-Ambassador : Dore Gold PhD former Israeli  Ambassador to the United Nations

 Author: Hatred’s Kingdom

-Eran Lerman PhD: Executive Director: American Jewish Committee Jerusalem –

-Mohamad Al- Imady PhD: Former Minister of Economy: Syria

-The Honorable Robert W.  Jordan Former US Ambassador to Saudi Arabia


-Jeffrey Nelson MD Saudi Aramco (retired)

-Danny Grossman Executive Director American Jewish  Committee Jerusalem

-Rabbi David Rosen: Chairman of the International Jewish Committee on Interreligious Consultations

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