Future Projects

We are encouraging donations toward our future projects.  Thank you for your continued support. Your donations tax deductable as we are 501(c)3 organization.

Divergent Voices: Seeking Truth in the Middle East

A documentary story aimed at shattering misperceptions and myths, exploring the voices of hope and courage in the midst of the various Middle East conflicts. Told through the voices of Arabs, Muslims and Jews in a point-counter point narrative; Divergent Voices will focus on some of the key issues in the Middle East: democracy, terrorism, political strife and the Israeli- Palestinian conflict. The viewer will gain a better understanding of what the clashes on the ground are and the chaos and struggles that exacerbate the issues.

Its purpose is to illuminate better understanding and compassion for the people and the issues and to invite potential solutions from the “factions” most involved in the region.

Tapped out: the World Oil Demand Crisis

Forty years ago we knew that relying on oil as our primary source of energy was perilous. During the 70’s the US imported 24% of its oil, today we import 70%. And though worldwide oil production in 2030 will be much the same as it was in 1980, worldwide population will have almost doubled. If the trend towards industrialization continues at today’s pace (and there is no reason to argue this), worldwide demand for oil will outpace worldwide production. A shortfall between demand and supply of 10 or 15% will cripple our oil dependent economy. International supply and demand dynamics have shifted, yet we have done little to prepare for what was predicted.

This documentary film examines the problem from a straight talking rational- not what the politico’s say- with a perspective that cuts to the chase. We will talk with leading experts in the energy field, economists and thought leaders to gain a better understanding of the morass we are in, and most importantly how we extricate ourselves- if we in fact can work toward solutions.

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