Project Team

Niki Nicastro McCuistion:

Producer- Director of Roots of War… is the co-founder- Executive producer, Producer of the award winning McCuistion Program, now in its 19th year with KERA PBS, and syndicated through NETA on public television in several other cities. She is the co-founder of the Foundation for Responsible Television which focuses on producing McCuistion.

Honored as a Malone fellow by the National Council on US Arab Relations and as an Ambassador for Peace by the Middle East Peace Initiative she is knowledgeable in Middle East politics and terrorism. Co- interviewer for Roots, she has made over a half a dozen trips to the Middle East to update the documentary and interview key political and public policy experts on all sides of the equation, from Hezbollah to the Israeli Defense Force experts. A new documentary project and book will focus on Divergent Voices: Seeking Truth in the Middle East.

The author of several business books Ms. McCuistion addresses audiences on business issues, non-profit governance as well as ethics in the media and the present situation in the Middle East (

Dennis McCuistion:

Narrator and co-interviewer for Roots, Dennis is co-founder of the Foundation for Responsible Television and the McCuistion program of which he is host. The McCuistion Program has won numerous awards for its objective reporting of current issues, including several awards for programs on terrorism, the events of 9-11 and the Middle East conflict. A former bank CEO who consults with financial institutions and other businesses on management issues, Dennis had co-authored several business books on leadership and problem loans, and teaches banking, economics and free trade to business leaders nationwide.

The McCuistion program is now in its 19th year with KERA, Dallas public broadcasting and can viewed on the web at (

Phil Smith:

Principal of Phil Smith Productions since 1975, lead camera person and co-editor for Roots, Phil is credentialed with all major networks; ABC, NBC, CBS, and CNN. He’s been a free lance reporter in five of the top markets in Florida, Miami, Tallahassee, Tampa, Orlando and Jacksonville. His work has earned national and regional awards, including best series TV program in sports and news. He has worked on the Waco incident and a recent documentary on OJ Simpson, that questions his guilt won the 2008 Back Lot Film Festival best documentary award, (

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