The Roots of War…The Road To Peace – Experts in Order of Appearance

Richard Miniter
Author: Losing bin Laden

George Freidman PhD
Founder and Chairman: Stratfor Think Tank

Nelly Lahoud Ph.D
Professor of Political Theory
Goucher College

Commissionar John F. Lehman
The 9/11 Report

Fawaz A. Gerges PhD
Christian A. Johnson Chairholder
Sarah Lawrence College

Ayatollah Muhammad Hussein Fadlallah
Spiritual Leader of Hezbollah

James C. Oberwetter
Former US Ambassador to Saudi Arabia
2004- 2007

Richard Pearlstein PhD
Assoc. Professor of Political Science
Southeastern Oklahoma State University

Don Beck, PhD
Director:National Values Center

Riad Daudi JD
President:Syrian Virtual University

Fathali M. Moghaddam PhD
Professor: Pyschology Department
Georgetown University

Jafar Tukan
Palestinian Writer

Khalila Sabra
Muslim-American Society: N. Carolina
Freedom Foundation

Hanan Ashrawi PhD
Secretary General: MIFTA

Oliver “Buck” Revell
Retired, Associate Deputy Director- FBI

Mohammad Raad
Head of the Committee of Support and Resistance:
Deputy: Lebanon Parliament for Hezbollah

John Esposito PhD
Professor: Georgetown University
Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Center
For Muslim-Christian Study

Akbar Ahmad PhD
Ibn Khaldun Chair of Islamic Studies
American University
Wash. DC

Paul Berman
Author: Terror and Liberalism

Richard B. Parker
Middle East Institute Scholar in Residence
Former Ambassador to: Algeria, Lebanon, Morocco

Thomas W.Lippman
Middle East Institute Adjunct Scholar
Author: Inside The Mirage

Abdul Rahman al Zamil PhD
Chairman of the Board
Al Zamil Group

Mark Palmer
Former Ambassador: Hungary
Author: Breaking the Real Axis of Evil

Isobel Coleman PhD
Senior Fellow Council on Foreign Relations

Nissrin-al Jundi
Alshall Construction- Syria
Office Manager

Kamal Abu Jaber PhD
Jordan Institute for Middle East Sudies

Palestinian Doctor
“Man” on the street
Camp- Lebanon

Danny Grossman
Executive Director
American Jewish Congress- Israel

James Zogby PhD
President: Arab American Institute

Leila Deeb
Editor Encyclopedia Palestina

John Duke Anthony PhD
President: National Council on US Arab Relations

Martin Van Creveld
Hebrew university of Jerusalem
Author: Sword and the Olive

Dore Gold PhD
Author Hatred’s Kingdom
Former Israeli Ambassador to UN

Eran Lehman PhD
Executive Director American Jewish Committee Israel

John D. Negroponte
Former National Director of Intelligence

Mohammed al Imady PhD
Former Minister of Economy Syria

Raphie Etgar
Curator: Israeli Museum

Rabbi David Rosen
Director of Dept. for Interreligious Affairs
American Jewish Committee
Papal Knight: Order of St. Gregory

Jeffrey Nelson MD
Retired- Saudi Aramco

Robert Jordan
Former US Ambassador to Saudi Arabia 2002-0

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